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The metaverse game Super War Pet released the global beta version


Feb 22, 2022

Humans have been exploring and exploring the universe for a long time. In astronomy and geography, from the “geocentric theory” to the “heliocentric theory” to the Big Bang, human beings continue to expand the boundaries of cognition, trying to understand the origin and destination of the universe.

Vincent Mossko wrote in The Cult of Digitization, “As Newton described the universe as a gigantic clock, subject to a series of interlocking machine parts, the universe today is increasingly viewed It is a giant computer.


On the contrary, the metaverse is a virtual space created by computer and network technology, imagined as a kind of “universe” in which time and space are close to infinite.

The former is close to the computerization of the universe, while the latter is the cosmization of computers. It does not answer astronomical questions, but faces human beings and the virtual world they create.

The birth of [Super War Pet] is the milestone of the metaverse approaching you and me.

[Super War Pet] is a pet chain game developed based on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) that integrates “elimination, combat, cultivation, mining, staking, trading, DEFI, NFT, DAO”. Here you can lead your pets, adventure together, and achieve each other in the process of playing and earning.

Nowadays, humans use games as one of the best entrances to the metaverse.

When consciousness travels through time and space, to the parallel metaverse of Super War Pet

It’s full of adventure and battle


Break through the shackles of reality and virtuality

Start the pet adventure journey, upgrade, hatch and breed new pets, and have unique cute pets.

where you can fight with NFT pets,

Lead your pet to break through the levels to find more power and resources,

Be the best Super war pet fighter.

You will join an epic battle,

Discover exciting new worlds and life forms with some mysterious power.


Super War Pet is a commercial breakthrough of blockchain technology in the game field.

By creating more economic opportunities for users,

Build a successful commercial closed-loop system,

From the NFT competition to the summoning, synthesis, breeding and trading of pets,

Then go to land auctions, shop leases,

You can completely in Play-to-Earn mode,

Panning for gold.

Super War Pet has a robust economic model

In order to ensure the stability of the game token system and the healthy development of the game ecology;

Accelerate the connection between the real world and the metaverse through GameFi,

Super War Pet will build a brand new game ecosystem integrating blockchain technology,

Completely subvert and change the current traditional game cognition;

Adopt NFT standard more suitable for game interaction,

Super War Pet will continue to develop rich gameplay such as financial systems, new scenarios, land systems, mining and farming, etc.

It will be a metaverse full of creativity and freedom.

We are using the metaverse,

The Metaverse is also “using” us,

Where there is information dissemination, there is information interaction.

When a new concept or technology emerges,

will always lead to the fantasy of changing the world,

When the metaverse platform expands the super pet connection to every corner of the world,

where various voices can communicate with each other,

All participants have the opportunity to benefit from this beautiful new virtual world.

The infinite possibilities contained in [Super War Pet] will be officially staged from this moment.

To this end, we can collectively look forward to a more immersive virtual game space.

The first time we met, the metaverse game [Super War Pet] opened the global internal test,

We want to bring millions of internet users to the blockchain with Super War Pet,

Experience the GameFi revolution together,

Now, let’s get started.

Official Websitesuperwarpet.me

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