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Subvert Opensea’s Web3 NFT platform to break the centralized monopoly – Tetrisblock


Apr 15, 2022

The NFT trading boom started in the second half of 2020 and continues to this day. The NFT transaction volume last year was US$17.69 billion, and the NFT transaction volume in the first quarter of this year has reached US$26 billion, exceeding the total of last year.

Among the NFT trading platforms, Opensea, Makersplace, Rarible, Superrare and other NFT trading platforms have made significant contributions, providing users with diversified services such as NFT casting, display, trading, auction, etc., further promoting the development of the NFT market scale. However, in this process, there are problems such as high user registration threshold, high handling fee, and low liquidity, which prevent users from better integration with the NFT trading platform and hinder its further development. Therefore, the market urgently needs a comprehensive NFT trading platform that is compatible with multiple ecosystems, has low handling fees, is user-friendly, and has a low threshold for use, which can continuously inject liquidity into the market. On this basis, to subvert Opensea and break the centralized monopoly, the Web3 NFT platform Tetrisblock came into being.


Description of Tetrisblock

Tetrisblock is a brand new NFT creation and trading platform, based on NFT+DeFi+Web3.0 aggregated art collections. Introducing the DAO concept (Decentralized Autonomous Organization), where anyone can publish new digital works, creating a rich, integrated marketplace. Anyone can post new digital NFT creations here.

The Tetrisblock ecosystem has Tetrisblock coin and Tetrisblock NFT, where NFT is the miner that mines Tetrisblock coin. The coin mining mechanism is similar to Bitcoin, except that the hash power is replaced by a stake in the NFT.

In Tetrisblock, resources and scarcity can only be defined by NFTs. Therefore, Tetrisblock NFT is a resource for mining Tetrisblock coin. The value of the token should be related to the value of the NFT. When there is more consensus on the scarcity of NFTs, the value of the token goes up, and vice versa.

Tetris is an addictive puzzle game that gives players the satisfaction of order from chaos, has taken the world by storm, and has been integrated into the lives of generations. The Tetrisblock NFT platform was inspired by this, named after Tetris, and combined with Tetris elements to create an NFT art work, so that players and creators can have equal opportunities to participate. On the Tetrisblock NFT platform, NFT content creators and collectors can not only return to the fun of the classic game “Tetris”, but also create unique NFT works through the platform, and freely trade through the NFT market to obtain NFT value-added income, and finally through this The ecosystem gets satisfaction. The Tetrisblock NFT platform continues to attract users’ participation through classic games and the unique characteristics of NFT, promote the growth of the liquidity of the NFT market, and promote the further development of the NFT market.


Core Highlights of Tetrisblock

(1) Tetrisblock is the first Web3.0 decentralized NFT issuance platform. Based on the characteristics of Web3.0 distributed technology, peer-to-peer network, high interoperability and high scalability, anyone can publish on the Tetrisblock platform. New NFT works, and the sale of NFT works and the DAO organization to manage its own community.

(2) Tetrisblock supports users to self-issue NFT with zero threshold, and is the first to create an NFT intelligent system that can freely combine and generate avatars. It can help users to realize one-click fool casting of NFT, and help users realize low threshold to open the NFT world. At the same time, various combinations of gameplay similar to Tetris also provide users with a variety of NFT combination gameplay, providing users with a variety of NFT works.

(3) In order to further promote the ecological development of Tetrisblock, Tetrisblock conducts community management through the DAO autonomous organization. In this Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) there is no centralized manager and all decisions are voted on by the community. Tetrisblock is based on a specific set of rules enforced by blockchain technology on the ecological network, jointly owned and managed by DAO members, and uses its tokens TBL and NFT to initiate organizational procedures, allowing all holders to vote on the future direction of Tetrisblock Or change and implement as the ecosystem grows. Based on DAO community autonomy, players and creators can have equal opportunities to participate, and ultimately gain satisfaction through the Tetrisblock ecosystem.


Tetrisblock’s Ecosystem and Advantages

●Tetrisblock coin (TBL) and Tetrisblock NFT

Things on earth that are considered finite, like gold, diamonds, or certain kinds of knowledge, are more valuable due to scarcity, because sellers of these goods and services can set higher prices. In Tetrisblock, resources and scarcity can only be defined by NFTs. As more consensus is reached on the scarcity of NFTs, the more value the NFTs represent. In the Tetrisblock ecosystem, Tetrisblock NFTs are defined as basic elements, i.e. limited raw resources. TBL provides the utility of storing and exchanging value, and TBL, together with NFTs, serves the decentralized Tetrisblock ecosystem.

● Tetrisblock NFT replaces hashing power

We know that the amount of electricity consumed by Bitcoin mining is huge and scary, the Tetrisblock ecosystem solves the energy problem by mapping resources and mining machines to Tetrisblock NFTs. Proof of NFT stake does not require computing power to solve the difficult problem of validating transaction rights. When it comes to the proof of NFT shares, it includes the special proof of NFT shares and the general proof of NFT shares. In a special proof of NFT stake, the Tetrisblock ecosystem embeds a balanced scorecard. Therefore, the problem of mining energy consumption can be well solved by replacing hashing power with NFT shares.

● Mining advantages of Tetrisblock coin (TBL)

Tetrisblock NFT is a resource in Tetrisblock, and by minting Tetrisblock NFT, users can mine TBL. The computing power of each Tetrisblock NFT is 1, and mining rewards are distributed to the staked NFTs.

Tetrisblock NFTs can be freely traded and exchanged in the marketplace, and compared to Bitcoin Proof of Work mining, TBL mining has no competition in terms of hash rate or cost electricity. Proof of NFT stake mining has several advantages:

(1) Zero energy consumption

The main motivation for TBL mining is to maintain a large energy demand while maintaining the same level of profit.

(2) Flexible design

Bitcoin mining usually requires a lot of energy to build mining machines and infrastructure, while TBL mining has high flexibility, and miners can choose to stake or cancel their stake flexibly;

(3) Strong incentives

Due to hash rate competition and the reduction of Bitcoin rewards, the shard structure is much more in demand but less profitable. Economic benefits make TBL mining more attractive.

DeFi is a key component of the Tetrisblock financial system. In order to promote the prosperity and development of the ecosystem, Tetrisblock established the Tetrisblock Investment Fund to expand to the later stage of entertainment, NFT museums, art, finance, technology and proof of NFT stake practice.


NFT brings a new imagination to asset digitization, and the convenience and globality of blockchain asset transactions also brings it broader purchasing power. With a large number of reports from the global blockchain, technology, finance and even art media, non-financial consumption and transaction methods have begun to be accepted by more people. The encryption industry has also found a development direction with weak financial attributes, and has shown considerable market size and development potential. Tetrisblock, as a Web3 NFT platform that subverts Opensea and breaks the centralized monopoly, will continue to explore and improve the innovation of encryption technology. The possibility of creation continues to deliver fresh blood to the entire NFT market and even the encryption industry.

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