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September 8 Space: Exploring RWA Regulatory Boundaries


Sep 7, 2023

The digital blockchain world is developing rapidly, and decentralized finance (DeFi) is changing the face of traditional finance at an alarming rate. In this booming field, RWA (Real World Assets) has become a topic of great concern in the encryption industry. Many people are optimistic about RWA and believe that RWA has broad prospects and a promising future.

However, the crypto market is turbulent and unpredictable, and regulatory and government attitudes are even more uncertain. How to ensure that RWA maintains the stability and sustainable development of the market while realizing its potential? This is more food for thought. Therefore, we held a Space event with the theme “RWA in DeFi: Exploring Opportunities and Navigating Regulatory Frontiers”. This event will start on time at 20:00 on September 8.

This event uses Space as the carrier. The host GREEDLAND will discuss the applications and opportunities of RWA in DeFi with representatives from ISE Ecosystem, Hovito Foundation, For Metas, and Openloo, and think about how to navigate the regulatory frontier in this rapidly developing field. , to meet changing regulatory challenges. We will take this opportunity to obtain more in-depth content about RWA and the encryption world. You are also sincerely welcome to enter the venue in advance to apply to be a speaker and contribute wisdom and strength to the development of the encryption industry.

ISE Ecosystem is a digital issuance, investment and peer-to-peer trading framework focused on RWA real-world asset management. Relying on ISE’s proprietary distributed network, real estate, bonds, gold and other real assets can realize the issuance, management and interconnection of assets on the chain.

Official website link: https://isechain.com/

As the most professional investment advisor, the Hovito Foundation provides investors and institutions with the latest and most suitable cryptocurrency-related investment consulting and fund management services. By studying DeFi, NFT, GameFi and other cryptocurrency fields, the Hovito Foundation is committed to helping investors achieve excellent investment returns.

Official website link: https://hovito.foundation/

FOR METAS is building an aggregate application platform to build a one-stop hub for users, allowing users to quickly and quickly access including but not limited to blockchain games, live broadcasts, social Dapps, Metaverse and AR/VR in one platform A variety of entertainment resources including. Secure, permissionless, incentivized and decentralized.

Official website link: https://www.4metas.io

Openloo is a Web3 application that implements fully automated on-chain interaction. Products launched in the first phase include airdrop interaction for zkSync, starknet, venom and other networks.

Official website link: https://openloo.xyz

See you at Space tomorrow night at 20:00: https://x.com/i/spaces/1rmGPkvRkkEKN

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