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From The bottom to The Application, F.DAO Metaverse Decision Service Platform Will be Officially Launched on April 14


Apr 14, 2022

Meta Finance DAO platform (F.DAO for short), a DAO protocol decision-making service platform jointly sponsored by BSC’s bottom public blockchain technology studio, ETH Layer 2 governance community, and covering Microsoft, Google VR engine development service providers in traditional industries, A16Z and Blackstone Capital’s fund institutions, will be officially launched on April 14.

F.DAO is a decentralized self evolving decision-making platform, which provides a secure and efficient intelligent contract engine and multi-language development tools based on the protocol layer. F.DAO will continue to develop communities and software products, create a more robust new DAO protocol decision-making service system, and empower the ecosystem of Metaverse.

Token Distribution Mechanism

Token Name: FD

Based on BSC Binance Smart Chain

Total Supply: 1000 Trillion Pieces

Token Distribution:

■ 75% Airdrop

■ 10% Public Offering Round

■ 5% Circulation

■ 10% Ecological Application


DAO, Based on Complex Economics

Meta Finance DAO, adopting the operation mode of DAO, is a decentralized autonomous organization. Meta Finance DAO is an organization that is completely controlled by participants and not affected by any centralized subject. Use open and transparent code to make decisions. The financial transaction records and procedures of decentralized autonomous organizations are kept on the blockchain.

The funds of Meta Finance DAO are obtained in an open and transparent way, and the source and destination of each fund used are very clear, there is no underground transaction. Meta Finance DAO operates according to the proposal which comes from contract and voting. Meta Finance DAO has no CEO, no manager and no management cost. All ecological participants are equal. No one has decision-making power. Everyone can put forward plans for the organization and may be used.

All participants hold the governance token of Meta Finance DAO. The better the operation of Meta Finance DAO, the more valuable the governance token will be. Therefore, all participants will have the same goal, that is, to make Meta Finance DAO run better. At the same time, putting forward proposals and voting need to consume a certain amount of governance token. Voters will sincerely seek benefits for Meta Finance DAO from the perspective of Meta Finance DAO.

虚拟世界的真正意义- 知乎

Empower Metaverse

Meta Finance DAO hopes to build a safe, efficient and decentralized open blockchain underlying network through mechanism innovation, and introduce democratic decision-making process, so that DAO members can jointly decide the upgrading direction of the network and the implementation of decision-making events, highlight collective wisdom, help the development of high-quality charity projects and promote the large-scale implementation of blockchain technology. Build an advanced democratic decision-making process based on the decentralized autonomous organization DAO, and innovatively put forward mechanisms based on the revised federal Byzantine Agreement, Metaverse crowdfunding congressional decision-making system, lightning layer and trust contract to help the community ecology reach a consensus more fairly and efficiently, and promote the community to follow the will of its members.

The rise of Meta Finance DAO will accelerate the landing of Metaverse. In the future, there will be more and more abundant forms of Metaverse network, which will promote the upgrading of blockchain, game, network, computing power and display technology, and individuals will participate more conveniently. Meta Finance DAO is inspired by contributing creativity, personal IP and data flow in Metaverse. Looking forward to the future, Meta Finance DAO does not belong to an enterprise, but comes from the parallel digital world of community and service community, serving the application of Metaverse.

More and more Internet giants have entered Metaverse track. In the future, the Internet era of Web3.0, DAO will be the organization primitive. Meta Finance DAO is built on an open encrypted network. With the improvement of encrypted user experience, Meta Finance DAO will become an important service tool in Metaverse. Let’s witness the rise of Meta Finance DAO’s new DAO decision-making service and business model.

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