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Voucher to help you complete and manage the license list


Nov 16, 2022

Voucher to help you complete and manage the license list

As the priority ticket for many projects, the white list is a rare right granted by the NFT project developer to members who are active or contributing to the project. Users with the white list can cast before the official sale, and obtain many rights and interests that cannot be obtained by other outsiders and some relatively rare NFT. The white list is generally obtained by users participating in the activities of the project party in the project party’s community. However, the blockchain world is complex, and it is a tedious thing to obtain a white list without being familiar with various software. In addition, the existence of information gap also makes new entrants at a loss. Voucher was born. Voucher is an NFT license list (white list) platform co sponsored by NFT Additions, Greedland, CNB and DARTrader, which aims to make it easier for creators to complete the registration and management process of NFT license list (white list). Voucher adheres to the spirit of open source WEB3 and has no business purpose or income. Voucher is committed to helping more WEB3 project sponsors and participants obtain more token rewards and development foundations, so as to help the development of the blockchain world.



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